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Delta Upsilon was founded in 1834 at Williams College. We are the sixth oldest fraternity in the U.S., and with more than 80 active chapters we are also one of the most vibrant international college fraternities in the world.


As a non-secret and non-hazing fraternity, we value our principles and rituals so highly that we do not hide them from the communities that we serve. Unlike most fraternites, we don't hide behind meaningless secrets. We share our values, principles, and rituals with parents, friends, prospective members, and the community freely. We let potential new members and thier parents ask questions so that they understand exactly what will be expected of them during the intake process, initiation ceremony, and as a brother.


Speaking of initiation, this is a special ceremony that will become one of the most important moments in your life. Shouldn't you be able to share that experience with parents, relatives and friends? Because we are non-secret, you can share your initiation with those people who are closest to you.


You can learn more about our international history, and our ritual on our international website.


Building Better Men
We were founded on the four following principles: Promotion of Justice, Advancement of Justice, Development of Character, and the Diffusion of Liberal Culture. Our motto is Dikaia Upotheke, Justice Our Foundation. These strong beliefs have built us into better men for almost two centuries and will continue to lead us into the future.






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