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7-Stars Initiative


We are extremely excited to unveil to you the Arlington DU Alumni Association’s exciting new program, the 7 STARS Initiative.   This is the initiative that will launch the Arlington DU Undergraduate and Alumni Chapter into the future as we Build Better Men Together.  The 7 STARS Initiative will provide educational and learning opportunities for undergrads with full support from our Alumni base, as well as fund exciting Alumni events throughout the calendar year.  The 7 STARS Initiative will also kickstart the journey of securing a clubhouse/event space that will be available for Alumni and Undergraduate Gatherings, Events, Brotherhoods, and much more.   Through the 7 STARS Initiative we are asking for a recurring monthly contribution of as little as a $7 per month commitment to propel the Arlington Chapter into the future.  The Initiative has 7 contribution levels at 7 dollar increments so you can choose what level of monthly support you are comfortable with.


The Arlington chapter is poised and ready to become a true Legacy chapter overflowing with Alumni involvement aimed at propelling Undergraduate growth and strengthening our Life-Long Brotherhood with your support through the 7 STARS Initiative.


The 7 STARS Initiative can become THE initiative to help this chapter live up to our Fraternity’s principles and embody our motto “Once a DU, always a DU”.   Let us become involved not only for us, but to honor the men who came before us that made this Delta Upsilon Chapter a reality. 

As Alumni, it is our time to RISE UP and participate in the 7 STARS Initiative to fill the need and truly propel this chapter into the future and beyond.  Now is the time Brothers, make the commitment and you will see the fruits of your gifts come around 10-fold as we Build Better Men Together!

No Fees, Full Donation Received by ADUF

We use Zeffy, which processes payments through Stripe, a well known secure payment portal.  Zeffy sends your full donation to us with no fees, but does ask for a donation to fund their platform, if you would like to contribute.

Click on the level you would like to contribute to.




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Alternative Option (Credit Card Fees paid by ADUF)

Paypal (Automatic Monthly Charge)

Paypal (Automatic Yearly Charge)

Tax Deductible Option

International (IHQ) CEA Account

This account can be used for Educational Functions or GSI (Global Service Initiative conducted by IHQ twice yearly.

Donations given through the 7-stars Initiative unfortunately are not tax deductible because the organization qualifies as a 501c7 Social Club that doesn't allow us to make these tax deductible.  If you are interested in Tax Deductible donations, those should be made direction to the Arlington CEA with Delta Upsilon IHQ, which are solely used by the Arlington Chapter, but have more limited use to only educational opportunities like scholarships, educational conference attendance and funding education elements in fraternity housing.  Reach out the ADUF Treasurer if you have further questions about this.

One-Time Donation

If you would like to discuss a 1 time donation (instead of the monthly donations), or any type of special donation, please feel free to reach out to us.  We would be happy to discuss how we can accommodate your generosity."

Darrell Holloway - ADUF President -

Justin Shelton - ADUF VP Administration -

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