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7-Stars Initiative

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Credit Card Fees paid by ADUF

Paypal (Automatic Monthly Charge)

Paypal (Automatic Yearly Charge)


No Fees incurred by ADUF




Pay through Zelle to

No Fees incurred by ADUF (100% Donation Option)

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Pay through CashApp to #ARLINGTONDUF

No Fees incurred by ADUF (100% Donation Option)

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Tax Deductible Option

International (IHQ) CEA Account

This account can be used for Educational Functions or GSI (Global Service Initiative conducted by IHQ twice yearly.

These donations unfortunately are not tax deductible because the organization qualifies as a 501c7 Social Club that doesnt allow us to make these tax deductible.  If you are interested in Tax Deductible donations, those should be made direction to the Arlington CEA with Delta Upsilon IHQ, which are solely used by the Arlington Chapter, but have more limited use to only educational opportunities like scholarships, educational conference attendance and funding education elements in fraternity housing.  Reach out the ADUF Treasurer if you have further questions about this.

Thank you to the following brothers for making donations to the 7-Stars Initiative!

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